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At PARS AUTO TECH in Ringwood, Melbourne, we can help ensure your vehicle’s A/C system is always blowing the cool, crisp air you need to stay refreshed all year long. Our team of automotive professionals scan the system for any failing components and perform the necessary services using state-of-the-art tools and parts. If you visit us for regular service, our technicians can also monitor the system over time and predict exactly when the A/C system will need service next. We make sure that you are always cool and comfortable in your vehicle, and we’ll proudly take on any service it may need!


Although it would be ideal, your car’s A/C system can’t operate at its best forever. Like any other component, the system will need regular maintenance by you and an auto professional to function at its best. One way to do that is by scheduling a visit with our team, who can ensure everything is in working order. There are a few things you can do on your own to help maintain the system. To ensure your car’s A/C system is always performing well, make sure you implement these simple maintenance tasks!

Use it Regularly

During the fall and winter, we may be tempted to shut the A/C system off in favour of rolling the windows down. Although this is a wonderful option, make sure you continue to run the A/C system at least once for 10 minutes at the highest fan with the coldest setting. This helps maintain the proper gas pressure and keeps the compressor working properly. This will also help prevent mildew from growing within the system, so make sure you get it running at least once a week!

Clear Debris

As you drive your vehicle, random debris can make its way into the system. From loose pebbles to crunchy leaves, a lot of things can cause the A/C system to get clogged. Make sure that you take some time every month to open the hood and check the condenser for any debris. Also check the exterior grills under the windshield, as that is another common area for debris to get stuck in. By keeping things unclogged, you make sure that cold air is freely flowing into the cabin of your vehicle!